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Activities for Kids During Winter in Austin

The coldest season is here, and we’re not afraid of it! Not with all these many things to see and do around this awesome city.

If your kids tend to compare winter with staying inside the house, bored, waiting for the first ray of sunlight to come, this list will end all those winter blues!
Austin has many opportunities for fun, even when the weather outside is unbearable. Take a look at these awesome ideas of activities for kids to escape the winter cold in Austin, Texas:

1. Warm up with Active Fun

Austin offers many locations for kids to jump, play, and be all over the place. They will warm up and completely forget the cold outside!

2. Go for a Winter Classic: Ice Skating!

3. Spend the Day Learning and Having Fun

Any of these awesome spots will keep kids away from the cold, and they will be more than entertained! All of these options have interactive exhibits and are pretty unique. Take a look at the best way for kids to learn, have fun, and escape the winter cold below!

4. Indoor Entertainment + Food = Family Fun

5. Have a Unique Experience Flying!

Don’t let the cold keep you and your little ones from enjoying this awesome city and its surroundings!
If you don’t enjoy being outside during the colder months, there are tons of options to choose from around Austin. Make sure you also check out our family-friendly events!

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