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The Best Skateparks in Austin, Texas

With so much time at home last year, kids had many hours to think about new hobbies or yearn to pick up what they’d started. If one of these activities is skateboarding, we’re pretty sure the best place to enjoy it is a skatepark rather than your house entrance!

As much as we hate to admit it, our kids are growing up fast! Before you know it, they’ll be too old to enjoy the simple things in life, like going to the playground or seeing a movie in theaters with mom and dad. But there are still some fun places you can take your kids that will make the experience fun for them and won’t break the bank!

Check out our top picks for skateparks in Austin and prepare to see your kid enjoying life outdoors again!


3000 Shoreline Dr. Austin, TX 78728

Wells Branch (MUD) Skatepark

This must-visit skatepark in Austin features an upper plaza section with a manual pad, flat bar, flat ledges, stairs, rails, and more. The midsection features an open-ended flow bowl and a mini ramp section, and the lower section has a bank and some quarter pipes. Not to mention the perfect landscaped grass to sit and watch the skateboarders work their magic!


4200 Brookview Rd, Austin, TX 78722

Patterson Park

Patterson Park is ideal for children who are just starting with skateboarding. It features a concrete skating mini ramp for them to practice surrounded by trees and nature! The park has other amenities the family can enjoy!

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