Top 10 Splash Pads in Austin, Texas!

Austin’s heat can be pretty unbearable if you don’t have somewhere to cool off. Splash Pads are one of the best ways to have fun and beat the heat, and the best part is, they’re usually free! There are plenty of great splash pads in Austin for kids and the whole family to cool off and have a blast! Check out our top picks in the list below:


1600 Parkway, Austin, TX 78703

Pease Splash Pad

Pease Park is home to one of the best splash pads in Austin! The splash pad has a mid-sized rectangular shape and you can keep an eye on your kid at all times! If you want to take a break from the water, relax in the tree-shaded areas.


1101 W 33rd St, Austin, TX 78705

Bailey Splash Pad

Bailey Park is a 2-acre park that features an orange pipe-like fountain that pours out gallons of water! There are also other water fountains and a car wash for kids to run through! A great park to visit with the family!

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